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Quick and strong: Eurolite TSL-750

Quick and strong: Eurolite TSL-750
Quick and strong: Eurolite TSL-750

Scanners have been wrongly neglected in the last years. Eurolite now presents a new LED scanner, which convinces with its light performance and equipment.

The TSL-750 from Eurolite was primarily developed to reverse the perceived tendency that scanners are being increasingly replaced by moving heads. But this scanner, with its strong 75 Watt LED, also comes on the market because Eurolite believes in the light effect per se and wants to breathe new life into it for certain areas of use.

As the first LED representative of its class from Eurolite, the exceptionally bright and assertive scanner features a prism. Besides the three facet prism, the TSL-750 is equipped with seven rotating gobos, a colour wheel with eight dichroic colours, an electric dimmer, exact 16 bit resolution and motorized focus. Regarding DMX control, the unit uses 13 or 15 channels.

A total package offering powerful arguments for an endangered species, the flicker-free scanner provides clear advantages over moving heads – the mirror is faster than a moving head beam. Additionally, the moving mechanisms are not as heavy, are generally less susceptible to failure and cheaper to produce, which is positively reflected in the sales price.

13th May 2015

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