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Three public reviews of draft standards

Three draft American National Standards are available for public review on the PLASA TSP website at In order of comment closing date, they are:

BSR E1.55, Standard for Theatrical Makeup Mirror Lighting. This draft standard applies to lighting systems for makeup mirrors and makeup stations used by performers and makeup artists for applying makeup to performers in theatres and other performance venues. It describes the topology of the makeup mirror lighting system, the quantity of light, the distribution of light from those sources, apparent source size, brightness, color rendering, and correlated color temperature. The last day to comment is 22 June 2015.

BSR E1.47, Entertainment Technology – Recommended Guidelines for Entertainment Rigging System Inspections. The draft standard offers guidance on inspecting entertainment rigging systems, which are systems used to lift and support scenery, luminaires, and other equipment overhead in entertainment venues, such as theatres, video/film studios, amphitheatres, and arenas used for live performances or special events. The guidelines include recommended inspector qualifications and responsibilities, scope and frequency of inspections, content of the rigging inspection report, and related information concerning the inspection process. The last day to comment is 22 June 2015.

BSR E1.37-2, Entertainment Technology – Additional Message Sets for ANSI E1.20 (RDM) – Part 2, IPv4 & DNS Configuration Messages. This document is part 2 of the E1.37 project. It provides additional get/set parameter messages (PIDs) for use with the ANSI E1.20 Remote Device Management protocol. Messages in this document are intended for configuring network interfaces and Domain Name System settings on devices with an IPv4 address. As published, the current standard contains errors. The version being offered for public review corrects those errors. The last day to comment is 29 June 2015.

For more information, please contact:
Karl G. Ruling
Technical Standards Manager, PLASA
630 Ninth Avenue, Suite 609
New York, NY  10036

5th May 2015

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