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Arkaos Media Master Pro Training at InfoComm

Arkaos Media Master Pro Training at InfoComm

ArKaos PRO will be hosting two hands-on courses as part of InfoComm’s education programme. ArKaos sales manager and project coordinator, Benjamin Bauwens, will lead the comprehensive training sessions which will provide participants with everything required to setup, program and run a show using MediaMaster PRO. Topics will include video mapping, edge blending, 3D mapping and advanced geometrical correction. Each half-day session provides focused, hands-on training with the new MediaMaster Pro V4.2 software and media servers range.

The course is designed for creative lighting designers and professional video operators and programmers who wish to establish a solid core of media server knowledge on one of the most powerful and economical media server solutions on the market.

Session Highlights:

  • Hardware Overview: Stage, Studio and Stadium Servers
  • Software: Overview of MediaMaster Express 4.2 and MediaMaster Pro 4.2
  • Interface: Including Theatre Mode and Advanced Fixture Mode
  • Geometrical Correction: Soft Edge, Keystone, Geometrical Correction, Basic and Advanced Soft Edge
  • LED Mapper Interface Overview and Fixture Mapping
  • Video Mapper: Interface Overview, Output Management Hands-On 3D Surface Mapping and Interpolation

Session Times:

Wednesday June 17th 9am - 1pm

LT02 Arkaos Media Server Training

Thursday 9am - 1pm

LT03 Arkaos Media Server Training

Classes are limited to ten candidates per session (two per workstation) so register at

2nd June 2015

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