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J. R. Clancy sponsors USITT’s Jay O. Glerum Rigging Master Classes

J. R. Clancy, Inc. is a lead sponsor of the Jay O. Glerum Rigging Master Classes, planned for a summer 2016 launch by USITT.

The series of classes honours master rigging expert and instructor Jay O. Glerum, author of the definitive Stage Rigging Handbook and one of the industry’s most knowledgeable professionals and teachers of rigging use and safety. Glerum passed away in 2014.

“Many theatre technology professionals point to Jay Glerum as their teacher and mentor in the proper way to use rigging technology, from counterweight to automated systems,” said Mike Murphy, J. R. Clancy president. “Naming a series of master classes after Jay is a fitting tribute to one of the most influential people in our profession. We at J. R. Clancy are honoured to have this opportunity to remember him.”

The annual training sessions will be offered in different locations across the United States. The classes will include beginner and advanced levels each year; USITT is exploring the possibility of offering ETCP credit for the advanced classes and Continuing Education Credits for educators at the entry level.

Glerum was well known as an instructor who emphasised the highest standards for safety and technical knowledge to anyone who used stage rigging, whether they volunteered at their local high school or ran complex systems for Broadway productions.

The classes will instil best safety practices starting in secondary school and continuing through lifelong training opportunities, a mission USITT and J. R. Clancy share in their messages of safety to all users of stage rigging.

Early career classes will cover rigging basics and cost $60 to $150, said David Grindle, USITT’s executive director. Advanced classes are expected to include high-speed motorised rigging and motor control.

J. R. Clancy also provided the first sponsorship of USITT’s five-year-old Rigging Safety Initiative, which offers free stage rigging inspections to schools across the country. Nearly 100 schools have been approved for inspections so far, and 30 more are awaiting funding.

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2nd June 2015

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