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SGM LED light for 60s' style Broadway magic

SGM LED light for 60s\' style Broadway magic
SGM LED light for 60s\' style Broadway magic

Brazilian singer-songwriter Luan Santana recently released his fourth live album and DVD Acústico, which – according to its title – was recorded acoustically. The recordings took place in Quanta Studios in São Paulo, with a retro setting and dress code leading you back to the Broadway 60s. Shortly after the release, several of the singles reached the top of the Brazil Hot 100 Airplay chart.

For this production, as for previous Luan Santana productions, Spectrum Design e Iluminação supplied a complete technology solution. LED products from SGM assisted in conveying the old theatre style with a total of 30 P-5 wash lights, 80 X-5 LED strobes and 40 SixPack blinders.

The SixPacks were mounted in the grand upper façade, giving the marquee the effect and look of the halogen emulating lamps, whilst offering the brightness and low power consumption of the LED light sources. Six outputs of 40W colour mixing RGBA LEDs per unit (a total of 240 LEDs), each individually controllable, added to the creative tools of lighting designer Marcos Olivio and production designer Ludmila Machado.

Ludmila Machado explains: “The construction of this sign was very complex. It was basically a large backlight LED tape, with the SGM SixPacks drawing attention all around as a scenic element. The letters of Luan Santana’s name were each in a light box. The title Acústico was made with neon. All was operated by MA Console.” This massive façade weighed around four tons, generating quite a trial for the stagecraft team.

The P-5 wash lights were used for a cyclorama wall and for audience light. “A cyclorama was positioned at the back of the stage area. This feature was hidden by large black velvet panels, which, at certain times, were lifted up to reveal the cyclorama illuminated by P-5s. The wash lights thus contributed to a colorful background for the choreography of the triangle patterns,” says Ludmila Machado.

The DVD was directed by the talented Joana Mazzucchelli.

23rd June 2015

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