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LDR Success on Major Project in Guatemala

LDR Success on Major Project in Guatemala
LDR Success on Major Project in Guatemala

Guatemala – It’s always spring in beautiful Guatemala, the small state in Central America famous for its nature, beautiful landscapes and home of the largest Christian Church of Central – South America, the Frater.

The Frater is a modern multi-complex venue built on a 113.000 sq.m site in San Cristobal, a few miles away from the city centre of Guatemala. The 50,000 sq.m building includes a main auditorium with 13.000 seats and the Frater is the largest man-made structure in the country.

The Frater belongs to a Christian congregation, Fraternidad Cristiana de Guatemala, established in the late 70’s by pastor Pastor Jorge H. Lopez. The congregation is founded on the values of the family and through the years has gathered thousands of people – becoming a model for Central and Latin America.

The main auditorium is used for religious services as well as religious celebrations. La Via Dolorosa brought together more than 30.000 people in three days and during the month of June. It’s also home of the world largest Catholic Music Festival, Explomusic fest.

Lighting provides a potent mood enhancer and particular attention was given to its installation, a big challenge due to the impressive dimensions of the building and the nature of its context. Walter G. Moran, a leader in lighting design in Central America was duly named head of the project. The design was commissioned with the intention of creating an intimate atmosphere as well as being capable of meeting the theatre and live concert needs during the all-year-round programme of events and functions.

Due to the challenging nature of the project Moran was assisted with consultation from Fabiano Besio of LDR of Italy. The team also worked under the supervision of Frater’s artistic director Renato Briones and lighting director Luis Chacon.

Replacement of the existing house lighting was one of the biggest challenges that the team had to face since the roof is at 30 metres high above the audience sector, and the existing power distribution and hanging points were not easy accessible.

The initial idea of using tungsten halogen lamp source was discarded in favour of more long-lasting sources capable of reducing maintenance costs, and using the existing mains wiring and structure.

After a close evaluation of available equipment they chose for LDR ALBA LED zoom profile. With only 200W ALBA is capable of delivering the same light level as a conventional 1000 TH source and thanks to its superior optic design and front zoom lenses (a total of five lenses) it can project an homogenous lighting beam up to 30 metres and fully resolve A size gobo patterns.

“Another aspect that made us choose Alba,” says Luis Chacon, Frater’s lighting director “was its unique dimming resolution (0.01%) on one channel only, the colour rendering and skin tone. With ALBA we have the right level of illumination for broadcasting and the perfect colour temperature.”

A lighting simulation using a WYSIWYG program was made dividing house and stage lighting.

Company STL of Guatemala was awarded the installation contract and a total of 90 Alba 8/22 Zoom LED profiles were positioned in the roof for house lighting. Each set of Albas was pointed down and assigned to a specific sector of the auditorium while 87 Alba 8/22s where mounted on a truss surrounding the Stage.

The Installation was completed with two LDR Canto 2000 MSR followspots, operated from the control room. Each set of Albas was wired with DMX cable and terminated with a DMX receiver.

“it’s great job,” says artistic director Renato Briones “The team matched my request and it looks like we have a new building. From now on we have an unlimited opportunity to create different lighting scenery.”

“It was a great pleasure to work on this project,” Says Fabiano Besio of LDR. “With Mr. Moran we made a great team and we have managed to create something new but we also made many people happy with the result. Our passion for lighting and attention to detais made the difference.  When a tungsten halogen source is not suitable, ALBA LED proved to be the best alternative solution to achieve what people expect when using a conventional theatre profile zoom lantern."

Walter Moran commented: “We worked hard, but it’s important that everybody is happy with the achieved result. A special goes to Fabiano Besio who supported us and to all the team who worked on this project.”

LDR Success on Major Project in GuatemalaLDR Success on Major Project in Guatemala

20th July 2015

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