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Movecat LoCo LCS system wins VR Innovation Prize

Germany – The team from Think Abele was distinguished this year with the VR Innovation Prize Mittelstand 2015 for its Movecat Load Control (LoCo) System and is understandably delighted to have received the coveted award. Described as "the special prize for craftsmanship of the cooperative financial group Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken", the award was presented to the company on 25 June 2015 in the course of a ceremony in Baden-Baden. "We are absolutely delighted by this distinction," commented Andrew Abele, who founded the company 28 years ago with his brother Thomas. "It is the first time one of our developments has received an award from a neutral quarter. It is far harder to interest those outside the industry in some detail of events technology and to convince them that a load measuring system such as the LoCo really does constitute an innovation than insiders who work with this equipment on a day-to-day basis."

With the kinetic solutions for the stage and studio of the brand Movecat, Think Abele has already developed numerous attention-grabbing new products. The prize-winning LoCo system with its shackle-mounted, active load-measuring sensors is merely the latest example. The LoCo LCS consists of standard load shackles (with EU factory certification) that can also be used as such. The important difference, however, is that the standard load pins here have been replaced by load-measuring pins made from a special, high-quality steel with an integrated active measuring system employing sensor elements. These determine the forces applied by the suspended loads and transmit the data to electronics that are also integrated.

17th July 2015

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