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Touring Racks for 16, 24 and 32 hoists - for 400V (direct) or low voltage (remote) control

Touring Racks for 16, 24 and 32 hoists - for 400V (direct) or low voltage (remote) control

 Movecat D8 and D8 Plus all-in-one touring racks set new standards in terms of operating ergonomics and safety. They correspond in every respect to the current EN 60204-32, EN 13849-1 and VDE 0113 guidelines.

The power-switching units and safety systems are housed in a safety read-back chain and assure a level of operating safety previously unattained.

The racks unite all the control components necessary for operation in a compact, shock-resistant road rack. 'Plug' and 'Lift' paired with other features suit these racks to larger interdependent rigging systems with additional safety requirements.

The new DMB system allows – depending upon the rack – up to four external three-level enabling switches to be connected. Especially with larger systems, it is necessary to supervise these from different positions to ensure that, even in the case of systems extending over large areas, runs are performed safely.

Key features include: self-testing of relevant system functions prior to system enabling; supervision and display of operating states such as operating voltage and phase, motor protection switch, such as run direction and main contractor on 'stick', M-Link system, DMB system; remote panel with choice of rotary or rocker switches with function illumination; simple, intuitive operation, single (single hoist selection) and master (all hoists lift or lower) modes selectable via key switch; illumination of important operating states, errors and run directions; eight-channel, 19" individual controller plug-in modules with motor protection switches, their own safety supervision and phase and status displays as well as a selective bypass design for increased operational safety; power distribution unit with 30mA ground fault circuit interrupters, over- and under-voltage, phase sequence and symmetry supervision, as well as rotating field detection with automatic rotating field correction and bypass function; DMB system, three-level enabling buttons, up to four units with self-detection and active status display; M-Link system for up to 12 Touring Racks (maximum 384 hoists in a T-Controller combination); M-Link compatible with the MPC 4ID8 and 4ED8 controllers (maximum eight devices); four CEE 4-pin male direct out (Motors 1-4 direct control) plus four CEE 4-pin female (Motors 1-4 remote control); HAN 16-E multicore plug-in connector or optional 19-pin EU Socapex (direct control), HAN 16 modular multicore plug-in connector (remote control) available; professional shock-absorbing road case with castors and handles; EN 60204-32, EN 13849-1 and VDE 0113 conformity; attractive price-performance ratio.


23rd July 2015

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