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Ambient light for open air movies

Ambient light for open air movies
Ambient light for open air movies

Germany – Warm summer nights under the open sky, movies and light installations. At the open air cinema “Festungsflimmern” in Würzburg, the organisers not only offered an attractive selection of movies, there were also great lighting ideas. For example, an ambient light for the big screen.

The fortress Marienberg is a historical backdrop. Of course it lends itself then to lighting up the old walls, corridors and trenches. That was exactly what the organisers of the company °die eine... event did – with numerous Eurolite spots. A special idea was to install a background light similar to the ambient light of TV screens, which increases the projection surface for the eye and blends the scenery in the overall view harmoniously.

This idea was realised with Eurolite IP Pads. In the bigger outdoor movie theatre, big trees behind the screen served as projection surface. In the smaller theatre, the ivy-covered walls served as reflecting object. Nicolas Manger, initiator of the open air movies, is happy with the effect: “We just tried it. The spots are really powerful, so we could light up all our backdrops with just a few devices.”

At the fifth edition of the event, 25 movies from Moulin Rouge to Wild Tales attracted more than 11,000 visitors. Prior to the movies, bands and musicians performed and spread festival atmosphere. This year, the team of 25 helpers was confronted with rain in the first days and then heat of 40°C – but that was not a problem for humans nor technology. Thanks to IP equipment, the Eurolite spots still shone when German musician Andreas Kümmert played in the rain and people danced in front of the stage in rain capes.

20th August 2015

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