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Colour-Tramp lighting controller undergoes major upgrade

Colour-Tramp lighting controller undergoes major upgrade
Colour-Tramp lighting controller undergoes major upgrade

Colour-Tramp, the powerful control system from Artistic Licence for 2-D and 3-D lighting arrays, has recently undergone a major upgrade.

It allows a lighting array to be programmed using a sophisticated graphic user interface. This has been redesigned with new icons on a vertical tool bar to provide an intuitive interface that also maximises the workspace. High resolution background images are now supported and a new display mode has been added which shows fixture names and patch information during programming.

A new feature is the text animation and rendering engine. This allows text to be entered in any size, colour and font. The direction of movement is selected and then a single mouse click animates a moving text sequence.

Furthermore, the gradient and bitmap rendering engine has been redesigned to work with higher precision and faster animation.

In order to work seamlessly with LED fixtures from different manufacturers, a new curve correction system has been added. This allows different fixtures to be adjusted for RGB balance.

OSC triggering has been added which allows triggering from numerous sources including iPads and iPhones. Applications such as TouchOSC and Lemur are used to programme the remote screen interfaces.

The mathematics engine has been upgraded to allow more significant post-processing of environmental sensors.

Numerous export options exist, including Hippotizer file format along with streaming xml data which allows integration to real time animation software.

Colour-Tramp supports Art-Net, sACN and KiNet outputs.

This new (beta) version of Colour-Tramp (v6-2) is available for download at the Artistic Licence website:

Colour-Tramp lighting controller undergoes major upgradeColour-Tramp lighting controller undergoes major upgrade

19th August 2015

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