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Harlequin Floors at Beijing International Ballet competition

Harlequin Floors at Beijing International Ballet competition

Two of the prizes awarded at the 3rd International Ballet and Choreography Competition held in Beijing last month were sponsored by Harlequin Floors.

Winning the Harlequin prize for ‘Best Chinese Dancer’ was Xuelan Lu – pictured here with Harlequin’s Mark Rasmussen – and Zhonghui Gong who collected the award as ‘Best Chinese Choreographer.’

Along with group marketing manager Mark Rasmussen, the Hong Kong based Harlequin team was in town for the event staged at the National Centre for the Performing Arts. Also in Beijing and winning medals were Harlequin Floors Scholarship winners from The Prix de Lausanne, Julian MacKay winner in 2015 and 2013 winner Zhang Jinhao – both seen here pictured with Mark.

Commenting on Harlequin’s support for the IBCC, Mark Rasmussen said: “Harlequin Floors has helped to inspire new dance talent around the world at events such as the International Ballet and Choreography Competition, the Prix de Lausanne, Genée Ballet Competition and Dance Proms. We look forward to seeing more of the winners of this year’s Harlequin prizes and wish them well in their careers.”

Mark Rasmussen added: “It was a busy event for Harlequin’s video reporting crew too, we managed to set up an interview with Xuelan Lu to capture her excitement at winning a Harlequin prize in Beijing. We also took the opportunity to follow up the recent careers of two of the Harlequin Scholarship winners of the Prix de Lausanne in interviews we conducted with Zhang Jinhao and Julian Mackay. Finally, we videoed an exclusive interview with the incomparable Madam Zhao Ruheng.” Viewers of the Harlequin Video Channel will be able to tune in and discover more soon.

3rd August 2015

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