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Moving Light Assistant Version 1.2 Released

Moving Light Assistant Version 1.2 Released

Lighting designer Andrew Voller has released a new update of his industry leading 'Moving Light Assistant' software. Moving Light Assistant is an application designed to document both the physical setup and programming information for moving light rigs commonly used in the entertainment industry, and is used by lighting designers, associates, programmers, and lighting technicians.

The key feature additions and improvements that have been added in version 1.2 include Reconciliation between Preset Documentation data and console data. This makes it easier to add only new presets (and also only if they are actually used), add channels added to a existing preset, show or remove deleted channels or presets and also indicate if a channel or preset is actually used. Presets can now be assigned a priority. It is then possible to sort and filter by priority.

Another key feature, Scripting allows users to write scripts to automate actions and access data within MLA. Also it is now possible to send and receive commands to and from grandMA 2 and EOS Family consoles (EOS v2.3 onwards).It is possible to import the XML data (Patch, Presets, Palettes, Cues, Groups) exported from PRG's Vx76 range of consoles.I t is also now possible to import certain blocks of data from another MLA show document. RRig Data items can be counted and saved as a text file. Useful for getting fixture type counts. Also included are the latest Canon drivers for DSLR cameras.The moving light assistant is used on many Broadway and West End hits including Hamilton, Fun Home, Aladdin, Matilda, The Bodyguard, The Commitments, and The Elephant Man, and is available exclusively through City Theatrical dealers worldwide.

11th August 2015

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