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Optoma and Disway forge new partnership

Optoma has announced that it has formed a new distribution partnership with IT distributor, Disway, for its operations in Morocco.

Effective immediately, Disway will be Optoma’s main distribution partner across Morocco – looking after its cost-effective business projectors.

Mohsin Abakhti, Optoma manager Middle East, Turkey and Africa, said: “We are delighted to announce Disway as our new distribution partner. With Disway’s expertise in the markets of French-speaking countries, we will look to increase our presence across north and mid-Africa.”

Disway’s CEO, Hakim Belmaachi, said: “We know Optoma manufactures high quality projectors, so adding Optoma to our portfolio of products and brands will enhance the range that we can offer our customers.”

Anas Benjelloun, Disway’s sales and marketing director, added: “We look forward to developing a strong partnership with Optoma.

“Morocco is a growing market with an increasing demand for high quality, reliable products, which is why Optoma fits perfectly into our product portfolio.”

Disway will be stocking the popular bright business projectors S316, S310e, X312, X316, X350, X304M, W310 but all projectors from Optoma’s full range will be available to order from Disway.

Optoma projectors use DLP technology, pioneered by Texas Instruments. This uses millions of mirrors to produce high quality imagery which does not suffer colour degradation over time, as sometimes experienced in other projector technologies.

Mohsin added: “The dust-sealed, filter free design of DLP projectors prevents dust and dirt from affecting the system ensuring optimal image quality with minimal maintenance. This makes our projectors ideally suited to the dry conditions of the African markets.”

26th August 2015

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