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Architecture and Theatre Student Teams Sought for USITT 2016 ‘Ideal Theatre’ Design Contest

Architecture and Theatre Student Teams Sought for USITT 2016 ‘Ideal Theatre’ Design Contest

USA – Theatre students are the clients and architecture students are the designers in USITT’s Architecture and Theatre Student Design Competition sponsored by American Seating.

Teams of students must submit applications signaling their intent to enter by 30th October, and can apply here

Design submissions are due Jan. 19, 2016. Three teams will be selected to attend the finals at USITT’s 2016 Annual Conference and Stage Expo in Salt Lake City next March.

The competition asks students to work together to design a performing arts centre for their campus. Students can form their own teams or participate as a class project. The goal is to encourage young architects and theatre artists to cooperate in exploring how designing a performance space can achieve a dramatic purpose.

The theatre students must convey all aspects and needs of theatre production, artistic presentation, and audience interaction to the architects. The architecture students’ job is to design the ideal facility for the theatre programme with the “client” as an active participant.

The premise is that the team’s college or university receives a major gift for a new performing arts centre. The team can choose to construct a new building or an infill building, repurpose an existing non-theatre building, or substantially alter an existing theatre.

Based on submitted designs, a jury of professional architects will select three Honour teams to receive a $1,000 and present their work at USITT 2016 in Salt Lake City March 16-19. The top team will win another $500 and the USITT Architecture Commissioner’s Award for their school.

For the competition brief and other info, visit

18th September 2015

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