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CADAC provides networking and control for IBC “Big Screen Experience”

CADAC provides networking and control for IBC “Big Screen Experience”
CADAC provides networking and control for IBC “Big Screen Experience”

CADAC, as an official IBC sponsor, is again providing the audio networking and control for the “Big Screen Experience” at this year’s convention. Working with Terry Nelson, from IBC Technical Resources, the leading UK mixing console manufacturer is installing a high definition, ultra-low latency MegaCOMMS audio network, throughout the digital cinema auditorium. This year, CADAC audio mixing consoles can be found at both mix positions, with its flagship CDC eight-32 handling the audio for presentations, film extracts and product reels, and the newly shipping CDC six taking care of the on-stage microphones. The IBC event will be the first official deployment of the company’s new CDC-six console.

During the course of IBC, the “Big Screen Experience” will feature a series of free to attend, editorially led sessions plus complimentary movie screenings of Fantastic Four and Inside Out. At the heart of the CADAC MegaCOMMS network is the CDC MC Router, routing audio for both the CDC eight and CDC six, and various CDC I/O 6448 and CDC I/O 3216 stageboxes sited around the auditorium.

With the CDC MC Router, MegaCOMMS has a network capability of up to 3072 channels of bi-directional 24-bit / 96kHz audio, control data and clock, on up to 150 metres of RG6 cable. Through-system propagation, from inputs on stage to outputs – including all console processing and AD/DA conversions – is under 400μs; and all audio samples are synchronised before summing, ensuring absolute phase coherency at all outputs throughout the network. Third party network integration is supported via the CDC MC MADI or Dante network bridges.

In addition to the “Big Screen Experience”, CADAC will also be providing a CDC four with a CDC I/O 3216 stagebox for IBC TV, IBC’s 24 hour online news channel, and a LIVE1 for the main conference room.

In picture: CADAC MegaCOMMS network diagram for IBC “Big Screen Experience” on CDC six console; Terry Nelson, from IBC Technical Resources with the CADAC CDC six and CDC eight-32 consoles.

4th September 2015

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