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Lasergraph DSP laser show control systems new at Laserworld

Lasergraph DSP laser show control systems new at Laserworld

Lasergraph DSP, the professional, de-central laser show control solution, is now available at Laserworld. Many high-profile show designing companies have relied on Laseranimation’s Lasergraph DSP for many years. The Lasergraph DSP controllers provide extreme output performance, as they are small computers on their own which handle the whole output processing in a decentralised way. This means that there is only a small program necessary to remotely access the de-central units over LAN – the actual programming as well as the output calculation is done in the Lasergraph DSP controllers. It is possible to connect a multitude of DSP units via LAN and run them in one huge network which is how huge shows can be controlled. Synchronisation with other media can easily be done over SMPTE timecode and the whole setup can be remote controlled over DMX or MIDI. DMX remote control is heavily used for high professional live performances with Lasergraph DSPs: The whole laser setup can be controlled through lighting consoles such as grandMA or Avolites which allows for awesome effects and transitions as faders and effects generators can be used.

The Laseranimation Lasergraph DSP is available as a 19” rack mount unit and as travel version, both housing types are available as single or dual channel configuration.

The mobile DSP, with full name “Lasergraph DSP travel Mark 2”, is extremely compact so especially suitable for touring. As the DSP units are capable of auto-play and stand-alone operation as well, these mobile units can also be used for pre-programmed installation projects, exhibitions and corporate displays. They can playback on power-on, which also applies for power on after a power cut, which is extremely important during any kind of event – the show must go on! 

21st September 2015

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