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Lock & Lite – Penn Elcom News for PLASA 2015

Lock & Lite – Penn Elcom News for PLASA 2015
Lock & Lite – Penn Elcom News for PLASA 2015

Flightcase, loudspeaker component and 19 inch rack manufacturer Penn Elcom highlights two exciting new products at the 2015 PLASA London expo; a brand new, super cool LED rack light and the robust and innovative MOL3 latch with patented automatic cantilevered action.

These and a selection of other current Penn Elcom products will be prominent on stand L26 at the ExCeL exhibition centre, 4th – 6th October.

A seriously stylish and efficient rack lighting product to hit the market, the new Penn Elcom RADM-23 1U Raclite is designed to be fitted to any 19 inch equipment rack providing an elegant and practical solution for illuminating equipment in dark and dingy environments.

Twenty-five super bright cool-white (6500K) LED emitters provide a crisp wash optimised for clear vision of the kit in the rack, allowing the status of equipment to be checked at a glance.

A 130-150 degree variable beam angle on the LEDs offers further versatility and a universal 12 Volt power supply means that it can be plugged in anywhere in the world. It can also be powered off selected Penn Elcom range rack fans, so those carrying both fans and Raclite products need only one power supply.

Raclite has a durable IP65 rating and is resistant to moisture and humid conditions. This rating also ensures that the LEDs are protected from mishandling or getting bashed during set up.

The on/off switch is permanently lit so it can be clearly seen and located in the dark but without any ambient light spillage.

The neat and tidy Raclite design is non-intrusive and stays hidden, giving a nice down-wash of lumens exactly where needed, skimming the fascia of the equipment loaded in the rack.

Penn Elcom’s next generation MOL (mother of latches) range is the world’s first automatic cantilever latch.

When the key of the butterfly is turned it opens automatically and is held open with a leaf-spring. When the butterfly is turned anticlockwise for closing, the new cantilever slider engages with a low-friction injection moulded Nylon guide which automatically engages with the catch plate.

This versatile invention means no more fumbling around doing up flightcase catches in the dark, semi-dark or cramped conditions like the back of the truck and sidestage storage. It also makes opening and closing a one-handed operation – infinitely useful in a myriad of live event and installation situations!

The profile of the MOL 3 is so low that even in cases which rub against one another during transportation, the lock mechanism will not be damaged or affected.

The cantilever design also allows for the automatic action to be over-ridden. The MOL 3 is available in padlock and key-lockable versions.

It’s built to the same rugged quality standards as all Penn Elcom hardware including the hugely popular standard MOL range.

29th September 2015

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