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London Theatres Ensure Show Goes On Through Specialist Contingency Plans

London Theatres Ensure Show Goes On Through Specialist Contingency Plans

Really Useful Theatres has agreed a contingency plan with temporary power generation specialist Aggreko to ensure that the show goes on, even if the electricity network fails.

Really Useful Theatres, owned by Andrew Lloyd Webber, has six London theatres, including the famous London Palladium, Theatre Royal and Her Majesty’s Theatre.

Aggreko has surveyed each theatre and put in place a detailed emergency recovery and continuity plan for each site, while also providing priority deployment of its generators, chillers and dehumidifiers. In the event of future fire, power failure, flood, or other emergency, the theatre company will be able to recover normal operations with minimal disruption and downtime.

It was the recent Holborn Underground fire that prompted the company to develop its emergency planning procedures. After experiencing a blackout at its Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, and then facing the risk of power interruptions while the electricity network was reconnected and re-stabilised, managers installed temporary power from Aggreko.

This meant that the theatre was back up and running as soon as possible after the major blaze, without having to cancel its sell-out Easter holiday performances of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The Oompa-Loompas could step back into the limelight, secure in the knowledge that the lighting, heating, sound, IT network and all the complex automated staging wouldn't fail.

Julian Rees, operations director for Really Useful Theatres, said: "The Holborn fire demonstrated the need to be totally prepared for any future emergency. The contingency plan will mitigate risk and enable us to recover operations as fast as possible should we have further power losses or flooding problems at any of our sites. With emergency recovery plans for each theatre, we will be able to speedily deploy Aggreko's generators or dehumidifiers and be back in business with minimum delay.  While Aggreko's recent response to the Holborn fire was extremely fast, we don't want to leave anything to chance in future."

9th September 2015

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