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Avolites Titan One controls giant Star Wars 'Lightsaber' installation

Avolites Titan One controls giant Star Wars \'Lightsaber\' installation
Avolites Titan One controls giant Star Wars \'Lightsaber\' installation

Ireland Dublin's 398ft high 'Monument of Light' Spire was transformed into a giant 'Lightsaber' in December to celebrate the premiere of the new Star Wars film, 'The Force Awakens', using powerful fixtures controlled by Avolites' Titan One DMX USB Dongle.

Commissioned by Disney, Tom Rohan of event production house Eventco conceptualised the installation alongside lighting designers Mick Murray and Matthew Cregan. The team used 16 of Clay Paky's intensely bright SuperSharpys to beam colours up the Spire to create the Lightsaber effect.

The event lasted for three weeks, with the team checking and controlling the lighting via CCTV, connected to the internet, which sent live images back. They then accessed the laptop within the Spire using the TeamViewer app.

"We did initial focusing on an Avolites Tiger Touch II and then transferred the show to a Mac laptop with the Titan One Dongle installed," says Mick Murray. "With the Team Viewer app we could log in to the show at any time and reset a fixture or do further programming. Using a time of day clock, we could trigger cuelists to light up the Spire at 5pm each day and run a separate sequence overnight."

Avolites' Titan One DMX USB Dongle facilitates fast and Intuitive control of intelligent lighting, dimmers and LED effects from one on-screen console. It allows the user to output one line of DMX with the full functionality of Avolites Titan Software, and access to Avolites' powerful features such as Pixelmapper, Quicksketch, Media Clip Select, Attribute Control-Blades and ShapeGenerator.

"Titan One is very easy to use and the offline interface is simple but powerful," Murray continues. "I find it the best for offline editing."

The event was a huge social media hit for Disney and Star Wars, with Dublin residents sharing photos of the spectacle for the world to share or retweet. 

22nd January 2016

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