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Bandit First to Debut Clay Paky Spheriscans

Bandit First to Debut Clay Paky Spheriscans

USA – Bandit Lites has announced that the Spheriscan, Clay Paky’s new “revolutionary scanner with a modern twist,” is making its world touring debut on the road with Bandit Lites in January of 2016. The first large shipment of Spheriscan fixtures in the world were shipped to Bandit Nashville for a huge upcoming tour.

Reviving the idea of a moving mirror fixture, the Spheriscan fills a fixture gap that has long been absent from a designer’s wheelhouse, giving stunning swirling effects as the mirror spins endlessly with an option of four revolutions per second.

“The speed and feature set make the Spheriscan a uniquely diverse fixture while maintaining the needs of everyday use,” said Bandit’s director of technical services Jake Tickle. “It is refreshing to see Clay Paky produce a product that so many have wanted while adding their own touch to it, and it is always exciting to be among the first to experience a ‘new to market’ fixture. Clay Paky has been great to work with and has provided fantastic customer service.”

Additionally, Bandit’s long-standing relationship with A.C.T Lighting, the North American distributor of Clay Paky products, was crucial in making this acquisition a success.

“Our friends at ACT Lighting truly went above and beyond to facilitate this purchase. The timing of order necessitated shipping directly from Italy, over the holidays no less, to ensure that we had these remarkable fixtures an entire month earlier than Clay Paky’s initial release date of February 1st,” said Bandit’s President Pete Heffernan. “The diligence and ingenuity of Brian Dowd from A.C.T and Francesco Romangnoli at the factory meant that we were able to secure the Spheriscans in our shop and prepare them to hit the road for one of our first major tours of the year. I cannot express what a relief it is to work with the company that will get the product to you and stand behind it, even when it is really difficult to accomplish.”

While they’re heading out on the road immediately, Bandit is confident Spheriscans will be seen on multiple upcoming projects in 2016.

Bandit chair Michael T. Strickland stated: “Bob Gordon and the fine people at A.C.T as well as all the great people at Clay Paky work tirelessly to accommodate the needs of Bandit and our clients, and this is truly magnificent. None of this would have happened without their world class assistance.”

14th January 2016

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