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Bandit Supports Widespread Panic for New Years Eve

Bandit Supports Widespread Panic for New Years Eve
Bandit Supports Widespread Panic for New Years Eve

USA – Bandit Lites continued its tradition of kicking off the New Year with legendary jam band Widespread Panic. The American rock group closed out their three night run at the Fox Theater on New Year’s Eve and featured both their original songs and covers of Bob Dylan, David Bowie and Leonard Cohen with guest performances by the Megablaster Horns.

As with previous years’ massive New Year’s Eve shows, lighting designer Paul Hoffman altered the band’s touring rig from the previous fall tour.

“This year marks Panic’s first return to the Fox Theater since 2011, and we wanted to make an impression,” he said.

And make an impression they did, using Mac Vipers, Robe BMFLs, Robe Pointes, Elation 2 Lite LED and GLP X4Ss to give psychedelic and vibrant looks that have become synonymous with the group’s performances.

The biggest change to the lighting design was the addition of the impressive Robe BMFLs to the existing rig.

“We hung a dedicated audience truss out over the seats to be able to 'paint' the entire theatre,” explained Hoffman before adding: “We hung some Robe Pointes on the balcony rail and used some large fibre optic star curtains for additional effect.”

“Going back to the Fox was a departure for the band from the usual New Year’s Eve arena shows, but that didn’t stop Paul from thinking big,” said Bandit’s production director Dizzy Gosnell. “The BMFL looks painted onto the proscenium arch and around the walls made the performance space look like a stadium stage, something that’s hard to put across with just a couple of photos here. Credit must go to the Bandit crew of Andy French, Wayne Lotoza and Chase Bosworth for getting this together so quickly and to Paul for handling everything with his normal calm approach.”

“It was a lot to pull together in the short time, but Bandit, as always, did very well,” finished Hoffman.

7th January 2016

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