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High Demand for ARRI Skypanel Range

High Demand for ARRI Skypanel Range

UK – Flashlight Ltd has announced it has been experiencing high demand and great feedback from customers on the ARRI Skypanel range since it started shipping in September. Both the Manchester and London offices are reporting extensive sales to broadcasters, rental companies and studios. With over 200 units sold so far the team is adding to its unprecedented numbers of ARRI LED L-Series sold.

Flashlight’s Andy Dodd says: “It has been phenomenal so far, although not surprising as it is a fantastic product. The technical aspects of the product, with its competitive price point is making it an attractive unit for many of our customers.”

The BBC and ITV have been some of the first to invest in the new units, taking a large quantity of Skypanels to bolster their various studios. Andy has received nothing but positive feedback from staff there: “They offer everything users have been looking for, the output and colour control is stunning. The options within the software allow for quick, but precise adjustments and offer more choice on set.”. Many other independent studios in the UK and Ireland have been outfitted with the units too.

Numerous rental companies in the UK have been giving similar feedback on the products. Andy says: “The units have been on shoots constantly since being delivered, the DOPs love them and the gaffers too as they are so easy to configure.”

The new ARRI SkyPanel is an exceptionally versatile LED soft light, compact, fully tuneable and delivering light of unsurpassed power and quality. Because different application areas call for different lighting needs, SkyPanel has been designed as a series of fixtures; all models can also be used with batteries in addition to mains. The S60 is the full-size model and the S30 is the smaller, more portable version. Both sizes are also available as remote phosphor units and all models have an extensive range of accessories.

The Skypanel S60-C and S30-C models are available as demo units at Flashlight.

20th January 2016

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