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Imagine Dragons powers Smoke+Mirrors concert tour with Barco media server, lighting and projection

USA – Barco recently partnered with new media and entertainment studio Moment Factory to transport concert audiences on a psychedelic journey during Imagine Dragons’ recent concerts. Barco’s award-winning XHD media server, projectors and High End Systems digital lighting combined to deliver full-coloured 3D content and surreal imagery developed by Moment Factory and a team of talented collaborators.

Visual spectaculars have become increasingly popular in the musical entertainment world, with big acts continually upping the production value of their concerts with immersive screens, exploding 3D imagery, and interactive techniques. Imagine Dragons’ Smoke+Mirrors tour was literally that – utilising various visual tricks to fool the eye and shock the senses.

Moment Factory served as the design team and developed the ground-breaking content on massive multimedia platforms, specifically eight LED columns which acted as screens for constantly morphing and shape-shifting video projection, completely driven by the Barco XHD-400 Series media server.

“Imagine Dragons began with a provocative ‘smoke and mirrors’ concept based on the notion that things aren’t always what they appear to be,” comments creative director Jesse Lee Stout of Moment Factory, who managed the content, lighting, automation and stage design of the show. “The Barco XHD media server performed perfectly, seamlessly managing the visual content on the main stage columns to create a dynamic focal point and complement the undulating, high energy of the performances.”

The Barco XHD-400 media server delivers end-to-end show design, creation, set-up and control, enabling video producers to easily develop their show from idea to realisation. It simplifies 3D visualisation for projection mapping with the ability to simulate and preview the entire show. The scalable media server supports connectivity with various sensors and input, enabling technical directors to deploy content onto surfaces of almost any shape or size with a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use video mapping tool.

Barco’s HDF-W26 projectors, used for a small scrim section, feature advanced Athena scaling technology with active 3D, quick preview and wireless control.

Show creators were able to create surprising moments, where the video content mimics the lighting, by aiming spotlights at the video walls to create the illusion. For the lighting, creative director Jesse Lee Stout of Moment Factory and independent lighting designer Sooner Routhier specified 44 High End Systems Solaspot Pro 1500 fixtures, primarily due to the light’s clean, crisp blending and fast shutter speed, which was essential for mirroring the musical dynamics of various songs.

“We are always thrilled to partner with Moment Factory on large scale multimedia projects that deliver the ultimate entertainment experience,” comments Chris Colpaert, vice president LED and image processing for Barco. “Our award-winning media server enables fast show design and programming, providing the dynamic visualisation power and control show producers need to realise their creative vision.”

14th January 2016

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