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Jennifer Nettles Tours with Bandit Lites

Jennifer Nettles Tours with Bandit Lites

USA – Bandit Lites recently wrapped a successful bout on the road with country super star Jennifer Nettles on her “Playing with Fire” tour. The tour included songs from her That Girl album and featured performances from Brandy Clark and Ryan Kinder.

Bandit provided lighting designer Chris Lisle Martin MAC Vipers for air and textured looks on the mesh backdrop, Clay Paky B-EYES for colour on the band, ChromaQ ColorForce 72s to up light a 24’ wide mesh backdrop and Martin MAC Auras to light the mid stage legs and border which made a hearth of a fireplace.

“Jennifer really wanted to play off the name of the tour (Playing with Fire) and wanted the look/set to reflect that theme,” said Lisle. “The lighting design that I did was based around lighting the scenic elements (fireplace fascia, fire screen, etc.) along with some overhead lighting to help reflect the mood/vibe that she wanted. We played around with fixture placement to make sure we could get lights in the best position possible to light the elements that we had.

Lighting director Daniel Rehbein found the B-EYES were well suited for providing the right wash to enhance the music while not removing the focus from the emotional and powerhouse performances from Nettles.

“I loved the front lens spin feature because it allowed for movement and playfulness on the up-tempo songs as well as creating some amazing breakups on the stage and backdrop,” said Rehbein. “I’m really glad Chris chose those lights for this tour.”

Clay Paky B-EYES were also featured in creating looks similar to round stained glass windows one might find in an old cathedral.

“I didn’t even use follow spots for the song, only one leko on Jennifer, and as the song built, I brought in the Vipers to make a huge look over the stage.”

Chris Lisle also shared that Bandit was successful in providing top notch support in all areas, including prep, paperwork and oversight saying: “Bandit was great to work with on this project and met every detail of the design perfectly.”

Bandit’s business development officer Brent Barrett reiterated how proud Bandit is to work once again with Chris Lisle saying, “We are honoured to work with Chris on this project. Josh Smith and the entire Jennifer Nettles Team are pleasure to work with!”

Jennifer Nettles Tours with Bandit Lites Jennifer Nettles Tours with Bandit Lites

21st January 2016

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