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PR Lighting Helps Ploiesti See in The New Year

PR Lighting Helps Ploiesti See in The New Year

Romania – Every year the Romanian city of Ploiesti, situated 60 miles from Bucharest, celebrates the arrival of the new year in style with a massive concert and firework display in the main town square.

Local technology company (and PR Lighting partner) Temple Media are contracted by the Municipality of Ploiesti City to create a dynamic show on the 16x14x10m outdoor stage, testing the artistry of freelance LD Cristian Simon.

This year he and Temple Media CEO Dan Chiorcioiu created a new lighting design and video set-up for the event, lighting the stage with nearly 100 LED fixtures. These comprised 20 XR 200 Beam, ten XR 230 Spot, 16 XLed 1061 Wash, 16 XLed 2007 Beam and 30 XLed 3007 Wash. They also added some other effects on the side wings, all under Resolume control.

The XR 230 Spots and XLed 1061 were located on the upstage centre and downstage trusses, and the XR 200 Beams were rigged in the upstage right and upstage left positions, and as downstage floor package. “For the XLed 3007 Wash we made two vertical trusses, in centre left and right of stage, which were filled with these dynamic pixel washes,” stated Chiorcioiu.

Different looks and cue stacks were programmed into the desk by Cristian Simon to personalise the shows for a range of performers, who included Corina, Elena Gheorghe and Vama Veche (from the band Tudor Chirila) a voice coach on national TV show, Romania’s Got Talent.

The event was a major success, and after the spectacle Dan Chiorcioiu reported, “The client told us that the light show had been really exceptional, and that this was the biggest production in the history of the city.” All the fixtures worked flawlessly throughout, he said.

29th January 2016

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