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Airstar Shines at LDI with New Innovative Lighting Products

Airstar Shines at LDI with New Innovative Lighting Products
Airstar Shines at LDI with New Innovative Lighting Products

USA – Airstar, a leading French manufacturer and provider of inflatable structures and lighting balloons for the event industry, has announced the enhancement of its successful Crystal range with the launch of two brand new innovative products – Sunshade and Crystal White 50k lum – at the 2016 LDI Show.

Following a successful pilot test at the Solidays and Musilac music festivals in France this summer, Airstar introduces Sunshade to the Crystal range: a large lighting umbrella which transforms the Crystal lighting balloon technology into a new envelope shape. Measuring 2.2 or 2.6 metres in diameter, it features the same RGB LED lights that can be found on the Crystal balloons, and is DMX controllable.

At Solidays, Sunshades were deployed as decorative party tables, tailored to the needs of the festival. Rigged on a 2.75m high structure, they were weighted by a 200kg base, hidden by a cover. Five were situated backstage for the artists, as well as the VIP terrace and the VIP bar, and they complemented the placement of Airstar lighting balloons used for public signage, security and backstage across the festival which saw an impressive footfall of 180,000.

In addition to Sunshade, Airstar introduced the Crystal White 50k lumens lighting balloons (available in 130cm, 160cm and 200cm diameter), which feature innovative LED lamps enabling eight times less power consumption versus halogen technology for the same luminous intensity. In addition, the LED lamps boast a lifetime of 50,000 hours vs 300 hours for halogen.

Crystal White 50k lum is also dimmable, with options including cold white, warm white or daylight – fully DMX controllable thanks to Airstar’s expertise. In addition, the product features an extremely quiet fan to cool the LED rendering it almost silent, and is flicker free (tested up to 150 frame per second) making it suitable for use at broadcast events.

Emilie Chabert-Bailly, Head of Marketing at Airstar, comments: “We’re thrilled to further broaden the innovative Crystal range with the introduction of Sunshade and Crystal White 50k lumens, which we believe make our product offering one of the most compelling available to the events industry. With stand-out product solutions, greater efficiency and cost effectiveness over time – we thrive on setting ourselves apart from the competition by striving for constant innovation.”

In line with the rest of the Airstar lighting solutions, both the Sunshade and Crystal White 50k lum feature a 360 degrees, non-glare and shadow-free light. In addition, the new products bear all the hallmarks of Airstar quality as standard. Manufactured in France – and in the US for US customers – with strong and resistant components and materials, Airstar has rigorous quality control in place. All products are CE and safety certified to standard IP54.

The Sunshade is currently shipping while the Crystal White 50k lumens will be available worldwide on 7th November 2016.

Airstar Shines at LDI with New Innovative Lighting ProductsAirstar Shines at LDI with New Innovative Lighting Products

24th October 2016

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