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Hawthorn Provides Technical Production for Herbalife Party in Prague

Hawthorn Provides Technical Production for Herbalife Party in Prague
Hawthorn Provides Technical Production for Herbalife Party in Prague

Czech Republic – Well-known for its large stadium-sized events, global nutrition and weight management company Herbalife returned to Prague this September for their EMEA Herbalife Extravaganza 2016. Creative technical event production expert, Hawthorn, was once again chosen by agency Taylor Bennett Partners to provide full technical production for the spectacular Qualification Party, an exclusive event celebrating the company’s highest achievers. Held at the Forum Karlin, 2,400 lucky attendees were treated to a dramatic ‘Fire and Ice’ themed celebration.

Renowned for providing their guests with truly unique experiences, guests entering Herbalife’s Qualification Party were met with an impressive light sculpture designed to represent the collision of the fire and ice elements. Designed by the team at Taylor Bennett, Hawthorn brought its creative vision to life using 400 individually controlled 400mm square RGBW LED cubes. The installation brought the two opposing elements on either side of the venue together, forming a swirling vortex that dramatically collided on to the central in-the-round main stage.

Hawthorn director Pete Harding, who led the team in Prague, explains how the sculpture left a lasting impression on the party-goers. “The venue has a very high roof space surrounded by two levels of balconies so by using the cubes we were able to fill an area that wouldn’t usually be used and instead turn it into a stunning focal point. This was the first time we’ve used the cubes in a 'party' environment and it created a really unique atmosphere, helping to perfectly capture the dramatic theme of the event.

“The team at Taylor Bennett are renowned for delivering unique, state-of-the-art solutions for their clients and its always great fun to work with them. The sculpture looked really impressive and judging by the number of people taking pictures, the guests certainly agreed. It created a lot of social media interaction which is exactly what the client wanted, a big social legacy!”

With Taylor Bennett laying on fantastic entertainment, revellers were treated to performances from Ruby & the Rhythms, whose celebrity fans include Chris Evans, and London DJ Benny Blanco who formed one third of The Chameleon Boys, a trio last seen playing at the Mercedes-Benz Formula One Winners Party.

With the striking light sculpture taking centre stage, the task of created a lighting design to complement the impressive installation fell upon Jack Sayer, Hawthorn’s head of lighting in Cambridge.

“We didn’t want to obstruct the view of the cube structure from any level or angle, either from downstairs or from the first and second floor balconies, so to light the centre stage we decided to use a combination of floor standing fixtures. It had to be capable of holding its own against the bright LED cubes whilst also being small enough not to impact too much on the stage space” says Jack. “With this in mind, we created a design that consisted of 18 Clay Paky Sharpys and 18 Sharpy Washes. These are both very lightweight, compact fixtures that deliver exceptional brightness which made them the perfect solution.”

Away from the main stage, Jack needed something that would provide texture and animation in the space underneath the light sculpture. For this he used two curved trusses in the surrounding blank space, with each featuring seven Martin Viper Profiles. The truss behind the VIP area was also fitted with eight of the fixtures, providing the same texture to the exclusive elevated space.

Having just taken delivery of 150 square metres of new outdoor 10mm GLUX LED, Hawthorn was eager to put their new kit to good use, with the Herbalife celebration providing the perfect opportunity.

“With only one-and-a-half days to get all of the kit in and set up, both time and space was tight. This was one of the reasons we decided to use our new-to-stock GLUX.” explains Hawthorn’s group head of video, David Barton. “Not only are they a fantastic spec with a high resolution, but they’re also really quick and easy to work with. The design of the new panels also means that they offer great off-axis viewing. This makes them great for this type of event as they provide an even view from all areas of the room.”

In total, 84 sections of video were used, including two stunning photo opportunity walls designed by Taylor Bennett to generate maximum impact on social media. Standing an impressive three metres high and five metres wide, Hawthorn realised their concept using LED video walls covered with CNC cut panels featuring a cut out of the Herbalife logo.

For audio, Hawthorn provided a d&b system consisting of four hangs of six V Tops, 12 V Subs and eight Q Series Tops. These were all run from D80 amplifiers and controlled using a Yamaha CL5 digital mixing console.

The monitor board was a Yamaha QL1 which, with its compact, portable design, was easy to move around and hide away during the gig. The band used Sennhesier G3 IEM and Martin Audio wedges. The two desks were connected via Dante and shared two Rio3224D and Rio1608 for inputs and outs.

“With the gig being set in-the-round, the challenge was to make sure the PA had full coverage of the venue,” says Rob Allen, Hawthorn’s group head of sound. “On top of this, we also had to make sure that the system didn’t visually impact on the cube sculpture.

“The thing that makes Herbalife such a great project to work on is the fact that you’re always presented with a challenge and it’s finding a creative solution to that which makes it so satisfying.”

Russell Bennett, Partner at Taylor Bennett Partners said: “We have a great relationship with Hawthorn and their technical expertise allows our dreams to become reality.”

Hawthorn Provides Technical Production for Herbalife Party in PragueHawthorn Provides Technical Production for Herbalife Party in Prague

18th October 2016

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