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Lighting and video designers are invited to become part of Tupac Martir's next big project - Lux Festival 2017, Colombia

Lighting and video designers are invited to become part of Tupac Martir\'s next big project - Lux Festival 2017, Colombia

UK/USA/Colombia Light magician and creative director, Tupac Martir, has announced his latest creative project – Lux Festival; a light and video showcase where the dynamic canvas for the adventurous event is the colonial architecture and cobbled streets and squares of the historic coastal town of Cartagena, Colombia.

Set to run from 4th - 8th January 2017, Lux Festival will feature designs from some of the most imaginative international theatre, concert touring and event lighting and video artists the world has to offer. There has been huge support from the local community and Cartagena's Mayor Manuel Vicente Duque has extended his warm welcome to all the designers and expressed his excitement at raising the profile of the town and introducing the creative possibilities of lighting and video to the local community.

Curated by Martir, the festival's mission is to deliver a diverse and inventive array of installations, exhibitions and mini events that transform the town and encourage the public to look at light for art's sake: "Colombia is one of my favourite countries in the world," Martir explains. "Being able to bring light and video as an art form, for it to be experienced by the people in Cartagena, is an amazing adventure and exploration. Especially with the diverse talent that we have invited to join us. It should be an incredible start to the year."

Martir is keen that the event be open to designers at all stages of their careers, with all levels of experience, especially to those that would not ordinarily have the opportunity to get involved in a project of this scale.

To kick this off he has partnered with USITT (The United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Inc.) to offer its members the opportunity to submit a design for their own piece of three-dimensional living art. The chosen designs will breathe vibrant new life into the unique buildings and streets of Cartagena alongside the work of some of the world's most respected designers.

"USITT is excited to partner with Tupac Martir and the Lux Festival," says USITT executive director David Grindle. "We are delighted to offer our members the chance to show their work on the international stage and to get to work with someone like Tupac in one of the great cities of Colombia. The architecture of the old city will blend perfectly with the video mapping technology so that two worlds of art combine to create something astounding."

Divided into professional and student categories, the competition is open to teams of up to two people for each submission. From these entries a number of pieces will be selected to be installed as part of the festival, plus USITT will fund the winners' travel to Cartagena for the event. Deadline for submissions is November 21st 2016

Visitors to LDI 2016 are invited to drop by the USITT booth #1977 on Friday 21st October at 12-noon to find out more.

21st October 2016

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