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Pharos launches its powerful new video lighting controller

Pharos launches its powerful new video lighting controller

UK – Pharos Architectural Controls Ltd, designer and manufacturer of advanced lighting control solutions, has launched a brand-new lighting controller, the Pharos VLC.

The Pharos VLC (Video Lighting Controller) is a simple, cost effective, all-in-one solution for controlling LED lighting fixtures installed as a large array, such as a building façade, bridge, or presentation wall.

The rugged and reliable rackmount unit supports all common DMX-over-Ethernet protocols from a dedicated Gigabit Ethernet output port and allows video content to be mapped easily onto lighting fixtures. It is available in multiple variants with capacities ranging from 25,600 channels up to a massive 768,000 channels from a single unit, with further scaling by using multiple Controllers connected and synchronised over Ethernet.

The VLC makes it easy to play video content across an array of lighting fixtures, either from user-selected HD media files stored on the internal solid-state drive (SSD) or from the DVI live video input, which supports resolutions up to 1080p60. It is possible to fade seamlessly between any video content, and a range of creative effects is available, including options like text rendering.

Configuration and programming uses the intuitive, timeline-based Pharos Designer 2 software, familiar to existing Pharos users, which is available for free download for both Windows and Mac. The extensive Pharos show control and scheduling capabilities are included, making it easy to integrate with third-party systems and giving lots of flexibility to meet the precise needs of any project.

The VLC extends the Pharos range of Controllers as an alternative to the industry-leading Pharos LPC X. While the LPC X provides highly flexible lighting control for large multi-zone lighting systems, the VLC can control even larger systems where the fixtures are arranged and controlled as a single array.

The VLC is available from 7th October.

3rd October 2016

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