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US Navy Adopts ESTA's E1.6 for Entertainment Hoists

USA – The June 2016 edition of NAVFAC P-307, a publication of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Navy Crane Center Weight Handling Program Management, has a new section 13 entitled “Entertainment Hoists.” The section calls out hoists systems identified in their equipment history files as being “entertainment hoists” and conforming to the design and manufacturing requirements in ANSI E1.6 as being different from hoists and cranes used for material handling and construction, and therefore being subject to different rules for their use and maintenance. Those rules include being maintained and operated in accordance with the ANSI E1.6 standards and the OEM recommendations.

NAVFAC P-307 can be downloaded from NAVFAC P-307 JUNE 2016 is at the top of the “USEFUL LINKS” list on the right.

ANSI E1.6 is really a suite of standards:

  • ANSI E1.6-1 - 2012, Entertainment Technology – Powered Hoist Systems
  • ANSI E1.6-2 - 2013, Entertainment Technology — Design, Inspection, and Maintenance of Electric Chain Hoists for the Entertainment Industry
  • ANSI E1.6-3 - 2012, Selection and Use of Chain Hoists in the Entertainment Industry; and
  • ANSI E1.6-4 - 2013, Portable Control of Fixed-Speed Electric Chain Hoists in the Entertainment Industry

They may be downloaded from the ESTA website at The download is free, thanks to the sponsorship of Prosight Specialy Insurance. The standards also may be purchased for $40 each from ANSI and IHS at and respectively.

6th October 2016

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