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White Light Provides New Lighting Installation to Hospital Club

White Light Provides New Lighting Installation to Hospital Club

UK – The Hospital Club is a unique private members club located in the heart of Covent Garden. Open specifically for members of the creative industry, the seven storey building features an award-winning television and music studio, a restaurant, bar and performance area. It also has a gallery space in which White Light recently installed a brand-new LED lighting system.

The gallery space at The Hospital Club is renowned for hosting a range of work, from sculptures to art exhibitions to product launches. Dominic Munroe, operations manager at The Hospital Club, comments: “The Gallery is one of the busiest spaces at The Hospital Club and there is a huge variety of people who use it. That said, for every event held there, lighting plays a huge role. The original lighting system we had was quite outdated. Therefore, to offer as many options as possible to our clients, we realised we needed a complete upgrade of our existing set-up.”

Chris Harris, WL’s installations business development manager, comments: “Prior to the installation, the Gallery had standard track lighting with 22 x 500w floodlights and 12 x 100w spotlights. These were all connected to a mains voltage dimming system that was coming to the end of its life. The existing system was also using a lot of energy and money unnecessarily.”

Chris adds: “As a result, the installation had to not only be cost effective but also environmentally friendly. With this in mind, the natural choice was to install an LED lighting system.”

WL worked closely with The Hospital Club to pick the ideal fixtures for the space. The company used their state-of-the-art studio facility Studio15 to recreate the feel and dimensions of the gallery. This allowed WL to demonstrate the various products without disrupting the busy schedule of the actual space, which remained open throughout. The Hospital Club team then visited the Studio to examine the various products and, with WL, decided that the Philips Selecon Wing LED Washers were the most suitable.

WL spent one week on site at The Hospital Club where it took down the existing track lighting and replaced it with a brand-new tracking system.  The new system consisted predominantly of 44 Philips Selecon Wing LED Wall Washers – a product renowned for having a high performance LED engine which delivers beautifully blended, homogeneous beams of light.

Chris adds: “One of the biggest factors of this rig was ensuring it was flexible. The fixtures we’ve installed can actually pick up specific items. Therefore, if there are any exhibitions, these can really accentuate whatever is on display. Whilst the Wall Washers can produce some stunning colours, they also offer a great, tuneable white wash, meaning the space has a huge range of options readily available. Thankfully, Philips were very much involved with the installation, meaning we were able to work together to ensure we used the Washers to their full potential, fixing them in positions that would get the most out of the space.”

WL also installed 20 ETC Irideons, with the company being the first in the world to use these on the Rolling Stones’ EXHIBITIONISM at the Saatchi Gallery. The Irideon is specifically designed for architectural environments and its FPZ zoom can create a sharp or soft focused light in any shape required. The Iridoens can also use gobos meaning the lights can be custom-designed for any visiting clients.

As part of the system, WL installed a Q-interactive Scene Station along with a new wireless laptop that runs LSC Clarity Software. This allows those using the space to walk around and change the lighting as they please. Similarly, WL has provided the space with four pre-sets, all of which showcase the space’s potential. LSC splitters were also installed to provide wireless DMX distribution between the fixtures and control panels.

Dominic adds: “We are absolutely delighted with the installation and the service that WL provided. The space has been transformed and the huge array of options and features now available to both ourselves and our clients is astonishing. We are really grateful for WL’s guidance throughout and have immediately noticed the benefits of this new set-up.”

Chris adds: “Ultimately, we have managed to provide a state-of-the-art, user-friendly system that not only fulfils the venue’s financial and environmental aims but also produces the most varied lighting options within that space. The Hospital Club is one of the most exciting, innovative venues in all of London and its gallery now has a lighting system which reflects this.”

photos: The Hospital Club

White Light Provides New Lighting Installation to Hospital ClubWhite Light Provides New Lighting Installation to Hospital Club

18th October 2016

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