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Yamaha Loudspeakers are on the Beat with DJ-Taz

Yamaha Loudspeakers are on the Beat with DJ-Taz
Yamaha Loudspeakers are on the Beat with DJ-Taz

The Netherlands – The most important qualities for any touring DJ’s loudspeaker system are quality, versatility and roadworthiness. All three are an integral part of Yamaha’s ranges of professional loudspeakers, as Dutch deck master DJ-Taz has discovered.

The Netherlands is increasingly renowned for producing DJs who rise to international acclaim. DJ-Taz – otherwise known as DJ and producer Anastas Kapogiannis – works closely with event production company Marvellous Entertainment.NL. The company works at a wide range of events, including clubs, corporate events, fashion shows, private parties weddings and school parties, and its inventory of Yamaha loudspeakers is always in demand.

Driven by an ever-growing passion for dance music, DJ-Taz plays over 100 sets a year, with styles including House, Urban, R&B, club classics and Electronic Dance Music (EDM). The speakers he uses need to reproduce them all with unparalleled power and quality. They also need to be easily handled and able to withstand the challenges of being ‘on the road’ for much of the year.

His regular rig includes four DXS18 subs, two DXR15 full-range speakers, two CBR12 monitors and a set of HPH-MT7 headphones.

“I use Yamaha loudspeakers because they are incredibly versatile and I can use them in every kind of situation. We can turn them up as loud as we want and the sound always remains very good,” he says, speaking at a set he was playing at De Oude Tol, a popular restaurant and bar in Oud Beijerland, south of Rotterdam. It features regular dance nights and also features a full installed Yamaha audio system.

“The DXR and DXS loudspeakers are also lightweight and easy to handle, but very strong, which means I am not worried about the physical aspects of touring with them – I can just concentrate on the music.”

He continues: “On stage I really like the CBR12s because sometimes DJ monitors are not loud enough, or too loud and they don’t sound good. But you can turn the CBR12 up as loud as you want and it is still a great-sounding speaker.”

But however good your DJ monitors, sometimes a pair of headphones has to be called into action. The excellent audio quality and sound isolation of Yamaha’s new HPH-MT7 are exactly what DJ-Taz needs.

“The HPH-MT7s are really good closed-back headphones, so even when the music is really loud I can still make great mixes,” he says.

As revellers enjoy the high quality sound at De Oude Tol’s dance night into the early hours of the morning, DJ-Taz has some advice for his fellow DJs. “I can really recommend this setup,” he says. “The whole Yamaha system sounds great. It is incredibly versatile, the speakers are lightweight and it sound amazing.”

19th October 2016

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