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Artistic Licence expands DMX-Buffer range

Artistic Licence expands DMX-Buffer range

Artistic Licence has introduced two new products that complement its popular DMX-Buffer product. The range now includes the sister products DMX-Clarify and DMX-Protect.

DMX-Buffer is an economical alternative to an opto-splitter when there is a need to run DMX over distances greater than the standard limit of 300m. It rebuffers the DMX signal and offers full support for RDM.

Housed in a protective metal case and powered from a standard 9V PSU with a DC jack , DMX-Buffer is simple to use. DMX-Buffer XLR uses a standard 5-pin male XLR connector that is terminated internally. The output connector is an 5-pin female XLR connector. DMX-Buffer is also offered with Ethercon connectors (DMX-Buffer RJ45) to enable use with Cat5 cable.

DMX-Clarify is offered in the same form factor. It offers similar functionality to DMX-Buffer, but operates permanently in 'data fix' mode to solve product compatibility problems. There are numerous products on the market that will not accept the wide range of legal DMX timings and data. DMX-Clarify cleans out any unusual or non-standard timing and data before sending it to the output. This includes stripping out all non-zero start codes (including RDM), forcing a 512-channel footprint and calming any timing jitter.

DMX-Protect offers different functionality. It is a passive in-line protector designed to protect a DMX line from damage due to electrocution.

DMX-Protect has two levels of protection. The first is a self-healing circuit that protects against accidental connection to mains and will recover when the fault is removed. The second is a 'protection of last resort' that will sacrifice the product in order to protect against high energy faults such as lightning strikes.

Both the input and output have protection circuitry so products connected to the input are protected from faults on the output and vice versa. No PSU is required.

28th November 2016

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