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City Theatrical at LDI 2016

City Theatrical at LDI 2016
City Theatrical at LDI 2016

USA – City Theatrical introduced new technology during LDI 2016, in Las Vegas last week. SHoW DMX Multiverse provides unprecedented levels of wireless DMX data transmission in a tiny package, for the first time, allowing the realistic possibility of a professional quality wireless DMX chip in every DMX device. The SHoW DMX Multiverse chip is tiny, low in cost, and has the ability to carry multiple universes of DMX data (as many as five universes in a 2.4GHz transceiver or four universes in a 900MHz transceiver), along with full duplex wireless RDM, and the ability to combine DMX slots from any streaming ACN universe into any of the broadcast universes. SHoW DMX Multiverse marks the beginning of a new era of wireless DMX lighting.

DMXcat is a device used to control, analyse, and test DMX lighting gear. The system combines a small hardware dongle connected by a wireless connection to a suite of Android or IPhone apps. Drawing on a built-in database of lighting fixture personalities, DMXcat controls the fixture through a user interface that emulates a lighting console with encoder wheels. The DMXcat system contains a total of seven apps including DMX Controller, Fixture Controller, RDM Controller, DMX Tester, DIP Switch Calculator, RF Spectrum Analyzer, and Light Meter.

City Theatrical has taken the complexity out of specifying and setting up LED pixel tape systems with the QolorPIX family of professional quality plug and play LED pixel tape and control products. The system of QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape and QolorPIX Tape Controllers plug with four pin XLR connectors and reduce the system setup to just seconds using only a few DMX channels. This makes great LED pixel tape effects easy for everyone to achieve.

Lightwright 6 is the newest version of John McKernon’s industry leading, multi-award-winning software for managing entertainment lighting paperwork, with loads of useful new features for designers and electricians. John was on hand for Lightwright 6 demos at the show.

QolorPoint Mini Wireless Uplighter is a mini version of QolorPoint Wireless Uplighter, and is about half the size but with more than half the light output. Packing a powerful punch, and utilising built in SHoW DMX Neo wireless DMX the QolorPoint Mini is a great addition to the QolorPoint family.

B-Series LED Dimmers are a new group of uniquely featured, high quality, constant voltage LED dimmers in a variety of capacities and configurations. All partner perfectly with City Theatrical QolorFlex professional quality LED tapes.

The B5 Dimmer is a five-channel 8A constant voltage dimmer in a rugged steel case. The five outputs give users the ability to run a full 40A of load such as RGB (three channels) plus bi-colour tape (two channels), or RGBA (four channels) plus WW (one channel). Three types of DMX connections are included (5 pin XLR, RJ45, and terminals), as well as a four button user interface to make address and parameter selections. The B4 x 5A RDM Dimmer, B4 x 5A RDM DINrail Dimmer and B4 x 5A RDM DINrail RJ45 Dimmer are sleek and tiny constant voltage dimmers that can control 20A of LED tape load. All of the new B Series Dimmers are uniquely featured, high quality, constant voltage, professional quality dimmers for LED tape. All of these new dimmers offer the option of 16 bit dimming giving extremely smooth low end dimming that will meet the needs of the most demanding designers, 30 user selectable PWM frequencies from 500Hz to 30kHz, 99 built-in user selectable dimming curves, and all of these new dimmers are RDM capable.

3rd November 2016

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