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JHS win at the MIA awards

JHS win at the MIA awards

UK – The all-new MIA (Music Industry Association) Gala took place in London last week.

 Around 300 people attended the event which featured anyone who is anyone in music retail and distribution.

 JHS was delighted to receive a number of awards on the night including Best Brass/Woodwind Product going to the new pBuzz, and Highly Recommended Awards going to the HK Audio Lucas Nano 608i in the Live Performance category and the Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister Deluxe TM40H in the Guitar Amplifier/Effects category.

More eye-catching than a recorder, lighter than a drum and easier to play than a xylophone – the new brightly coloured, lightweight and smooth edged pBuzz makes music fun for early learners.

The new TubeMeister 40 Deluxe is simply jaw dropping, with pure, pristine cleans to an authentic brown sound and devastatingly powerful modern-day high gain, all influenced by the flagship Hughes & Kettner TriAmp Mark 3 amplifier.

Finally the HK Audio LUCAS NANO 608i is the world’s first all-in-one PA. Featuring an integrated eight channel digital mixer which is iPad-enabled for ultra-convenient wireless access, the 608i also has professional-grade EQs, compressors and reverb effects serving as powerful sound-shaping tools.

30th November 2016

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