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MA at Teatro Nacional Cervantes: More than a decade

MA at Teatro Nacional Cervantes: More than a decade

Argentina – Cervantes National Theatre, also known as National Theatre of Buenos Aires, is the national theatre of Argentina. In 1995 it was declared a National Historic Monument. Located on Córdoba Avenue the Cervantes houses three performance halls: the María Guerrero Salon, the Guerrero Salon and the Luisa Vehíl Salon which is a multi-purpose room known for its extensive gold leaf decor. The theatre has recently invested in a grandMA2 ultra-light.

Daniel Zappietro, LD and electrical engineering manager at the Teatro Nacional Cervantes, commented on why the theatre made the commitment to grandMA2: “We have been using grandMA series one for more than ten years when it replaced some older consoles. The MA consoles are one of the best investments we have made, and I consider it to be the best lighting desk both now and then so this year we decided to incorporate a grandMA2 ultra-light into our inventory. The other main reason for continuing with MA is the support and assistance offered by Antonio Agra and his team. Stage Tech has the best service and support in the country and have changed perceptions in how service and support is delivered to our market.”

Since 2006 the theatre has featured an MA control system consisting of a grandMA full-size, a grandMA micro, an MA NSP (Network Processing Unit) and an MA 2Port Node onPC Pro. “All elements are still working flawlessly – full time – every day,” says Antonio Agra, CEO of Stage Tech SRL, MA’s distributor in Argentina and Uruguay.

18th November 2016

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