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All-Weather Friend: The New COLORdash Par Q12 IP from Chauvet Professional

All-Weather Friend: The New COLORdash Par Q12 IP from Chauvet Professional

USA –The weather may be unpredictable, but the COLORdash Par Q12 IP from Chauvet Professional certainly isn’t. The new RGBA LED wash delivers bright, colourful, flicker-free light indoors or out, regardless of weather conditions, thanks to its IP65, outdoor/wet rating (pressure equalising M12 GORE valve), Powerkon IP65 power cord and IP-rated DMX connections.

“Anyone who lights festivals, amphitheatre productions or other outdoor events will find the COLORdash Par Q12 IP to be an invaluable addition to their inventory,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “Outdoor projects have become more common, particularly with the growth of festivals. When you work outdoors, you are going to get bad weather from time to time, but these fixtures are protected against rain damage.”

In addition its IP rating, the COLORdash Par Q12 IP offers designers and production companies multiple other advantages. Chief among these benefits are its intense output and realistic colour rendering. Powered by 12 8.4-watt RGBA LEDs, the latest addition to the COLORdash line has an output of 865 lux at five metres. It also has a colour temperature range of 2,800 to 10,000K, and its advanced optics result in effective colour mixing.

Adding to the versatility of the COLORdash Par Q12 IP are its selectable smooth dimming curves, which eliminate choppy fades, and its 20⁰ beam angle, which provides broad wash coverage. The fixture’s adjustable PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) results in a flicker-free output, making it well suited for lighting events that are going to be videoed.

A double bracket yoke allows the versatile COLORdash Par Q12 IP to be flown on truss or be positioned on the floor. The fixture’s compact size makes it handy for applications where stage space is at a premium.

As user-friendly as it is versatile, the COLORdash Par Q12 IP has an OLED full text display with password protection and a touchscreen interface. Along with the fixture’s direct power and DMX connections, this feature will make setup and tear down go faster and more smoothly. Anyone who works outdoors should appreciate this added convenience, because like the weather itself, scheduling at festivals and other open air projects can often be unpredictable.

20th December 2016

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