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CAST wysiwyg delivers a stunning inaugural KAABOO

CAST wysiwyg delivers a stunning inaugural KAABOO
CAST wysiwyg delivers a stunning inaugural KAABOO

Canada – CAST wysiwyg was a guest star at the recent KAABOO festival held at the historic Del Mar Racetrack and Fairgrounds, just north of San Diego on the Southern California coast. Considered by some as “the festival for people who don’t like festivals”, KAABOO was designed to be the ideal live music event in the ideal venue.

KAABOO is a new concept, describing itself as a “mix-perience” that blends headline music acts, top comedians, and a world-class food selection from celebrity chefs, with the underlying benefit of the three-day event being its reprieve from the porta-potties, muddy grounds and confused millennials. The event appeals to the more mature, more affluent festival-goer willing to pay a little extra for atypical festival VIP amenities.

Chris Lisle of Chris Lisle Lighting Design of Nashville, Tennessee was lighting designer for the main Sunset Cliffs stage, hosting headline acts including Jimmy Buffett, Aerosmith, Fall Out Boy, Lenny Kravitz, Flo Rida and Collective Soul to name just a few. In all, almost 100 bands performed on multiple stages during the event. Associate designer Erik Parker and programmer Matt Shimamoto worked alongside Chris to create stunning visual effects for a crowd of approximately 16,000.

Chris, who designed the show using wysiwyg Perform said: “This was the largest stage on a multi-stage festival event with headline performances from some of the industry’s most iconic groups. The design needed to be unique and artistic enough to reflect the theme/vibe of the festival, spectacular enough for Aerosmith but yet approachable enough for some of the more casual afternoon performances. Once we had the stage design, wysiwyg allowed us to create every mood and share it with each band so we were all on the same page. It’s absolutely the tool of choice for an event like this.” 

He continues: “We love using wysiwyg for our projects as we know we can put out top notch renderings and paperwork and keep the overall design process smooth and painless.”

The Sunset Cliffs stage was a creative display of circular truss overhead incorporating 30 Robe BMFL Spot, 72 Clay Paky Sharpy, 27 VariLite 3500 Wash, 30 VariLite 3500 Wash FX, 23 4-Lite Mole, and 29 Atomic Strobes, with eight VariLite 3500 Spot at FoH for banners, and six Xenon Super Trouper Long Throw. Control came from two grandMA 2 Full-Size (one main, one spare) and three grandMA 2 NPU (two active, one spare). Lighting was supplied by SoloTech.

Organisers and visitors alike (with some commenting from the outdoor swimming pool overlooking the Sunset Cliffs stage) affirmed that KAABOO is surely on track to be a permanent new alternative to the festivals of past decades.

CAST wysiwyg delivers a stunning inaugural KAABOO CAST wysiwyg delivers a stunning inaugural KAABOO

9th December 2016

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