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Neg Earth invests in W-DMX

Neg Earth invests in W-DMX

UK – A London-based company has just invested in a large number of BlackBox F-2 G4S transceivers for an upcoming tour.

Neg Earth is one of the leading independent companies for entertainment lighting and rigging hire in the United Kingdom. The company recently moved to its brand-new premises in North-West London.

For this project, Wireless DMX was critical to get data to audience trusses for an in-the-round stadium tour. At each venue, the power would be sourced local to the trusses, which would require potentially hundreds of metres of extra cable for the sake of two DMX universes on each side of the stadium.

A Blackbox F-2 will be placed at each of the four edges of the mother grid in the centre of the stadium, transmitting two universes to each audience truss. The distro position, along with the receiver unit, would vary at each venue either being on a spot gantry, on the floor, or a balcony somewhere nearby.

In total, Neg invested in 12 BlackBox F-2 MK2 transceivers, Outdoor 12 directional antennas for each receiver and Outdoor 6 antennas for the transmitter. Furthermore, Wireless Solution have supplied two UglyBox MK2 and a W-DMX Dongle to go along in the tool kit. “The UglyBox and Dongle are fantastic tools for setups like this one”, said David Ferraz, International Business Development Manager for Wireless Solution. “You can quickly deploy them, scan and troubleshoot any W-DMX network”.

Such large variables made wireless the obvious choice, and Wireless Solution were contacted for advice, pricing and recommendations. Dan Webb, senior consoles technician at Neg Earth says: “As soon as we spoke to David at Wireless Solution, we knew this was the product to use. These are people who know the kit, capabilities and understood that crew need the most reliable and easy to use solution. They have a great portfolio with many more complicated gigs and provide excellent technical support. We need to be sure that Neg Earth stock will work anywhere in the world and we have that confidence in W-DMX”. 

6th December 2016

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