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2B Heard K-array seminar hailed success

2B Heard K-array seminar hailed success

UK – The beginning of February saw K-array’s UK distributor, 2B Heard, host a seminar for some of the UK’s leading audio engineers on the benefits of K-array’s new KH8 Firenze system, presented by K-array’s Alessandro Tatini and Mario Di Cola, and AFMG Berlin’s FIRmaker / EASE Focus V3, presented by AFMG’s Stefan Feistel.

“K-array’s Firenze system is a revolutionary new line array concept that offers a unique solution for demanding tour applications, large scale productions and live events,” explains 2B Heard’s Dave Wooster. “The benefits are considerable, with the system delivering extremely high quality audio, along with the advantages of quick set up, light weight and a considerable reduction in size over traditional line arrays, which also help to reduce trucking costs and deliver a quick return on investment.”

AFMG’s FIRmaker sound optimisation tool delivers a highly sophisticated optimisation algorithm that is designed for computing optimal FIR coefficients tailored to a specific venue. This allows loudspeaker manufacturers to give their customers the option to tune DSP FIR filters to every possible venue within seconds.

“The combination of Firenze’s on board Armonia DSP system loaded into each unit, providing eight channels of DSP and amplification for each Firenze panel, and the use of FIRmaker, gives the system the ability to accurately steer the loudspeaker’s sound beam,” says Dave. “We wanted to show that this, along with Auto Configuration of Firenze using Slim Array Technology (S.A.T.), digital acoustic steer and a weather proof enclosure, makes Firenze a unique, cost sensitive solution.”

“The 2B Heard seminar was a great way of introducing the KH8 system, rather than the standard ‘come and listen’ events that we are all very familiar with,” comments Bradley King from Louder Audio Productions, who attended the seminar. “The representatives from K-array and AFMG were given a superb platform by Sam and Dave from 2B Heard from which they could introduce their products and convey the all important ‘white paper’ principles behind them.

“We’re looking forward to hearing the KH8 system when it’s deployed on the Leona Lewis tour during February and March and strongly feel that if the system sounds as good as it initially looks, we could be looking at a game changer, not only in terms of audio quality and coverage, but right down to the logistics of touring with a large format system.”

“I was really impressed by the response and inquisitiveness of the participants,” concludes Alessandro Tatini. “The Firenze system incorporates highly-advanced technology that is unlike anything on the market, so their immediate interest in something so innovative and unique proves that the pro audio industry is ready to better their current touring system not just in the future, but now.”

In picture: Alessandro Tatini (K-array), Sam Nankivell (2B Heard), Dave Wooster (2B Heard), Mario Di Cola (K-array) and Stefan Feistel (AFMG).

24th February 2016

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