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Brilliant Stages Moves to Production Park

Brilliant Stages Moves to Production Park

UK - Brilliant Stages, run by managing director and co-founder Tony Bowern has been making bespoke stages and sets since the early 80’s for the likes of Muse, Take That and the Rolling Stones.

The original concept over three decades ago was to create high quality lightweight tourable systems and this is a mantra that has stayed true over the years earning the staging company countless awards and high regard within the industry.

Brilliant Stages is now beginning an exciting new chapter at recently developed headquarters on Production Park.

Brilliant has moved its entire manufacturing operation and project and design department from Hitchin in Hertfordshire to new workshops and offices at the Wakefield Live Events cluster.

The creation of their new 20,000 sq ft workshop and impressive design and project department is part of 2.5m development, Phase One of Production Park. Aside from the significant investment in new facilities another advantage to the new location is that it has been built directly adjoining 25,000 sq ft of studio space, which will allow test builds of all sizes to take place right next to the workshop.

Tony Bowern said of the move: “It was a mammoth operation moving the entire company to the north, it’s probably the biggest change in the companies history in fact, but one that is exciting because it spells the beginning of a new era for us.”

He continues: “It’s fantastic now being part of Production Park, we’re joining other industry leaders to become a powerful force within the music industry.”

Brilliant now shares Production Park with several other events businesses including Perry Scenic Creative, Music Consortium, LS Live, Knight Rigging Services and Litestructures. Tony goes on to explain: “There are definitely advantages to having everything in one place.” One of the great benefits of being on the park is having advanced profiling services on our doorstep. They’ll now undertake the majority of our machining so that will greatly improve efficiency for us.”

Production Park co-founder Lee Brooks said of the park’s new tenants: “We are delighted to welcome Brilliant Stages to Production Park. Having such a prestigious brand with so much heritage and industry respect is a great addition to an already incredibly strong group of industry companies.

“This new inclusion only helps to further cement Production Park as the centre for live events in the UK.”

So what does the future hold for Brilliant Stages now it has made its new home on Production Park? Tony Bowern explains: “For me it’s getting Production Park to grow, because where some companies can go stagnant, this is a new lease of life for Brilliant. It will spur everyone on and I think it’s a great opportunity for everyone to work together and just produce what’s required for the market and the future.”

2nd February 2016

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