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“dot2 is a great tool for schools, churches and small tours”: Hope Church in Memphis counts on dot2 XL-F

“dot2 is a great tool for schools, churches and small tours”: Hope Church in Memphis counts on dot2 XL-F

USA – Extensive equipment upgrades at Hope Church in Memphis, Tennessee have expanded the creative palette for the church’s worship services and the community events held in its 5,000-seat sanctuary. Among the new additions is a dot2 XL-F console from MA Lighting.

The Nashville office of 4Wall Entertainment Lighting handled the project. Hope Church already had a sophisticated array of equipment and a full 1080i HD workflow. Multimedia plays a key role in five weekend worship services as well as special community events, including concerts, movie nights, school graduation ceremonies, and memorials, such as a tribute to famed musician Isaac Hayes.

“Hope Church is known for great music in a city that’s known for great music,” says Brian Albrecht, creative director at Hope Church. “From the project’s inception we wanted to up the creative edge of everything happening in our space. We wanted to make sure our presentation matched the energy and vibe coming off the stage.”

“It was time to take things to the next level, to offer more visual and scenic options,” agrees Damon Herbert, integrator/designer at 4Wall. “They were interested in an MA platform for lighting control. So we introduced the church to dot2 XL-F, which has a lot of flexibility and tools and is very budget-friendly.”

Part of MA Lighting’s new range of compact dot2 consoles, the dot2 XL-F is durable and lightweight with intuitive operation. It includes a full programming section, master playback section, 14 fader playbacks and 28 individual playback buttons.

At Hope Church dot2 XL-F controls the conventional and moving lights and the electrical relays for the moving lights and houselights. “MA products are industry leaders – we can’t keep them on the shelves,” says Herbert. “dot2 is a great tool for schools, churches and small tours: Users get the benefits of the MA platform while being mindful of their budgets.”

“We love dot2,” says Albrecht. “The amount of functionality it offers and the speed at which we can work makes it a whole different ballgame compared to our previous board. With dot2 we can create new and compelling looks very fast, and it’s easy to use. We could never do what we’re doing now with the old console.”

4Wall’s install was completed in time for the church’s AV team, composed of professionals and volunteers, to learn the equipment and prepare for a busy schedule of Christmas services.

A.C.T Lighting, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of MA Lighting products in the USA and Canada.

photo: Hope Church Memphis

23rd February 2016

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