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ETC helps future proof Malmö Live event venue

ETC helps future proof Malmö Live event venue
ETC helps future proof Malmö Live event venue

Sweden – When the technical managers for the concert hall at the new build Malmö Live venue in Sweden were planning the lighting for the venue, they knew they needed to future-proof it, while also keeping costs down. So ETC’s Danish dealer Atendi – previously known as Bico Professionel – supplied a full ETC Sensor3 power control system with triple-function dim/relay/constant current ThruPower modules. They also supplied 100 ETC Selador Desire D40 Studio tungsten LED fixtures, to be installed in place of the halogen lights with dimmers that were originally specified in the tender.

The 100 LED fixtures are located above the orchestra stage in the main 1,600 seat hall, providing bright yet low energy white light – they were able to achieve some 2,000 lux output across the stage despite total power consumption being just 3kW.

An ETC Unison Paradigm system means that the house and working light system, along with rehearsal lights, would be fully integrated, so that all the fixtures can be operated both from the lighting control consoles and the existing Creston AV control panels.

Consultant Søren Nylin says: “Originally the system design was 80 per cent dimmers and 20 per cent non-dim circuits. By changing to the ThruPower system, we could skip all the non-dim circuits, saving on dimmer racks, processors and modules along with all the cable and power installation. This kept the system within the budget, and made it even more future-proof – it gave us a win-win situation.”

The concert hall, plus the smaller flexible venue space, known as The Cube, are both controlled using a complete ACN network infrastructure, including ETC Concert PC software, which will be used to administer the settings for ThruPower, any of the 24 DMX/RDM Gateways, and the RDM-enabled fixtures. This is paired with a wireless DMX system, consisting of 30 receivers and transmitters, from a third party. Using the ACN protocol means it is easy to unplug any piece of kit and connect it anywhere else, while still keeping track of it.

Michael Derving, Malmö Live’s building and logistics manager, says: “We are pleased that it was possible to change the design to a ThruPower system, and we feel that we have a fully flexible system, ready for the challenges we will face in the future. The combined wireless-DMX and wired ACN DMX/RDM Gateway control design makes it easy to adapt to any situations in the venue.”

The Malmö Live complex, which also encompasses a five star hotel, a conference centre, two restaurants and a bar, is fast becoming a cultural landmark in the city. As the new home for the Malmö Symphony Orchestra, and with a series of events every Saturday especially for younger visitors, the venue has received plaudits from visitors and technicians alike even in the few months that it has been open.

22nd February 2016

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