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Middlesex University Goes Green with White Light

Middlesex University Goes Green with White Light

UK – Middlesex University in London boasts a strong performing arts department and was eager to upgrade both its Ravensfield Theatre and Dance Studio space. Whilst state-of-the-art equipment was a necessity, so was the need to be environmentally-friendly, with the university determined to be as green as possible and change their previous lighting equipment to LED only. As a result, they approached White Light to purchase the perfect set-up.

Bruce Allen is technical production manager at Middlesex University and oversaw the upgrade of both spaces. He comments: “As this was quite a significant investment, we needed to ensure that the equipment we purchased not only fulfilled our immediate aims but would also be sustainable for the long-term.

“The main priority of the upgrade was to ensure that all of the equipment purchased was as environmentally-friendly as possible. We are currently in the second phase of moving the majority of the University’s lighting over to LED. We have noticed that the industry has shifted towards a greater use of LED technology in recent years. As we want the spaces at Middlesex to reflect the highest of industry standards, it was important that our lighting set-up played a part in this.”

Bruce and the team from the School of Performing Arts met with Jonathan Haynes, WL’s business development manager, to discuss their requirements and what equipment would be available to them. Jonathan states: “WL has a strong track record of providing energy efficient lighting systems, and the rapid advances in LED technology have meant that it has become the natural choice for replacing older fixtures. At WL we are fortunate to work with the leading manufacturers in order to advise and consult on the right solution, and this project was no exception. The result is a completely versatile, flexible and user-friendly lighting rig which is providing the added benefit of vastly reducing energy consumption.”

The equipment purchased included 45 ETC Source Four LED Lustrs SERIES 2, two Martin MAC Aura XBs and ten ROBE Robin DL4S LEDs. Not only will the brand-new equipment be used on performances but also by students as part of their studies at the university. Bruce adds: “Having the latest equipment readily available means that students can be trained on this – something which will prove vital should any of them pursue a career in the industry.”

This is not the first time that WL has worked with Middlesex University, with the complete production solution specialist having also worked on a recent GDS installation at the building. WL supplied and installed a mix of ArcSystem 1-cell and 2-cell fixtures, controlled via an eight-way button station to replace traditional tungsten working light floods in the Grove Studio.

Bruce comments: “We had a fantastic experience working with WL. Whilst the move to LED was such a significant investment, it all went extremely smooth and WL was able to fulfil our every requirement. The equipment is now being used and proving to be extremely beneficial.”

Providing the latest technology to educational institutions is a field in which WL has now established a strong reputation. The company has also recently made significant sales to both Kingston University, which included 20 ETC ColorSource Pars, and Royal Holloway Students Union, which included an investment in the Tiger Touch II Control Console and an upgrade to the lighting in their bar areas.

Jonathan adds: “As technology continues to advance, it is important that universities and colleges continue to invest in order to ensure that their students are exposed to the next generation of fixtures and control to help them in their future careers. These recent project have proved that WL continues to be the supplier of choice, being able to collaborate with the client to ensure that we meet their budget, time scales and provides a solution which exceeds expectation.”

photos: Bruce Allen and Theatre Arts MDX

Middlesex University Goes Green with White LightMiddlesex University Goes Green with White Light

10th February 2016

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