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New Clay Paky Gear Hits the Road with Bandit Lites

New Clay Paky Gear Hits the Road with Bandit Lites
New Clay Paky Gear Hits the Road with Bandit Lites

USA – Bandit Lites continues to grow its vast inventory with an acquisition of Clay Paky’s newest and what has been hailed as some of the most innovative gear on the market today.

The aptly named Mythos, Clay Paky’s hybrid fixture that provides a sharp, defined beam with a zoom range from four degrees to 50 degrees, is out on both Mike Swinford’s lighting design for Jason Aldean and Nick Whitehouse’s lighting design for Thomas Rhett.

The versatility the Mythos delivers gives designers almost unlimited options as it can be programmed to function as a spot, beam or wash. Additionally, this PLASA, Parnelli, LDI and LiveDesign awarded fixture includes a rotating gobo wheel, two rotating prisms and two colour systems.

Bandit Lites also became the first company to send the new revolutionary Spheriscan out on a major tour with designer Butch Allen. Reviving the idea of a moving mirror fixture, the Spheriscan provides stunning swirling effects as its mirror spins endlessly with an option of four revolutions per second.

“It is refreshing to see Clay Paky produce a product that so many have wanted while adding their own touch to it,” shared Bandit’s director of technical services Jake Tickle. “It is always exciting to be among the first to experience a ‘new to market’ fixture.”

A.C.T. Lighting, the North American distributor for Clay Paky, facilitated the purchase for Bandit Lites.

"We very happy to be working with the team at Bandit Lites on this project,” said A.C.T. Lighting’s vice president of sales and marketing Brian Dowd. “Bandit has always been on the leading edge of technology. They are innovative and that’s exciting."

“A major contributor to Bandit’s continued success is the long standing relationships we’ve established and maintained throughout the years, and our friendship with A.C.T. Lighting embodies that fact,” said Bandit’s President Pete Heffernan. “Bob Gordon and Brian Dowd consistently provide incredible products and service to the lighting industry, and we are so fortunate to be able to give our clients the tools they need to excel.”

2nd February 2016

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