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Robe Becomes a Player in French Theatres

Robe Becomes a Player in French Theatres

France – Robe’s French subsidiary Robe Lighting France SAS finished the year with some strong sales to a range of high profile theatres.

In the theatre world, Robe’s highly refined DL series of LED luminaires which are built for the theatre and performance sector, bring all the advantages of LED technology combined with the accuracy, finesse and quality that theatre professionals demand.

Robe has listened carefully to all these requirements in order to perfect the DL series, with super-smooth dimming curves, silent running, excellent quality light and high CRI topping the agenda, as well as being lightweight, so they are ideal for retro-fitting into smaller or historically significant spaces that may have lower weight loading capacities than modern venues.

Leading French installation, rental and sales company D6BL (D6 Bell Light) from Ivry-sur-Seine, Paris is well known as a theatre and performance technical installer and supplier, and recently delivered Robe DL fixtures to three important theatres, all with different but equally challenging needs.

The venues are the 500 capacity Theatre Bernard-Marie Koltès on the University of Paris campus Ouest Nanterre La Défense, named after the cult French playwright and theatre director, the Maison des Artes de Créteil (MAC) cultural centre in Val-de-marne and the Théâtre de la Tempête (Tempest), one of a number of venues at the Cartoucherie de Vincennes also in Paris.

As a distributor of several premium brands, D6BL assessed each venue and then offered them a number of flexible solution ‘packages’.

“It seemed obvious that Robe’s DL series addressed all their requirements,” commented Yael Laport, a project manager at D6BL, “as they all selected to go with the Robe fixtures!”

Vivance Thomas, technical manager at the Theatre Bernard-Marie Koltès immediately liked the DL4S Profile product as it was silent, very fast, has excellent optics and is a compact and manageable size and was further impressed with the precision of the framing shutters.

“Shuttering is one of the most basic functions for any theatre profile light,” said Yael, “so a luminaire which can do this properly is of great value.”

The other theatres chose the DL4 for the same reasons, with the exception of the technical team at the Théâtre de la Tempête who decided that the more powerful DL7S Profile was perfect for them right now.

They loved the smooth colour mixing and dimming and the high CRI of 92, another key element for theatres to bring out the best skin tones. They also appreciated the additional power of the DL7S and its excellent range of true colour temperature whites.

“Out of all the products designed and built for theatres, there are some with excellent framing shutters, others with perfect colour mixing but most of them are too big, heavy and unwieldy to be practical for day-to-day use in a lot of performance spaces. The Robe DL ranges, their lighter weight and consistent colour meets all the essential requirements and many more says” Yael.

Launched just a year ago, Robe Lighting France SAS has enjoyed excellent results in all sectors throughout 2015.

26th February 2016

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