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Sennheiser shows latest broadcast products at BVE 2016

Sennheiser shows latest broadcast products at BVE 2016

UK – London’s BVE Show sees audio specialist Sennheiser is showing a number of its latest products for the broadcast market: the new EK 6042 two-channel camera receiver, the AVX wireless microphone systems for video cameras that ensure totally stress-free audio capture and ClipMic digital and MKE 2 digital.

The EK 6042 is a true-diversity, two-channel receiver that can work with both analogue and digital Sennheiser transmitters across a bandwidth of 184MHz. It is an ideal partner for Sennheiser’s top-of-the-range Digital 9000 series and can operate with all analogue transmitters that feature Sennheiser’s HiDyn plus or HDX companders. The EK 6042 will be shown alongside Sennheiser’s flagship Digital 9000 system.

Sennheiser’s amazingly compact AVX receiver plugs directly into the XLR of a camera, where it automatically pairs with the microphone and switches on when the camera does. The system automatically adjusts the correct audio levels and transmits using a specially protected link in the license-free 1.9GHz range. Setting up and recording high-quality audio for video has never been faster or more convenient.

Whether a journalist looking for an easy audio solution for field interviews, a lecturer that wants to record a talk or even a parent recording their child reciting a poem, the new digital clip-on microphones from Sennheiser and Apogee help to capture sound professionally. ClipMic digital and MKE 2 digital combine Apogee’s A/D conversion expertise with Sennheiser’s microphone design knowledge to give users optimum sound quality for their recordings. Especially designed for iOS devices, both microphones feature a Lightning connector to directly connect to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, thus creating high-quality, ultra-portable solutions for recording speech.

Sennheiser shows latest broadcast products at BVE 2016Sennheiser shows latest broadcast products at BVE 2016

4th February 2016

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