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TC Electronic Adds Calibration Wizard to Clarity X

TC Electronic Adds Calibration Wizard to Clarity X

The latest firmware update for the popular monitoring system makes setting up sweet spots and adjusting sub-woofers more precise, and reduces the time spent calibrating from hours to mere minutes.

With the addition of a speaker calibration wizard to its Clarity X monitoring system, Danish audio equipment manufacturer, TC Electronic, is making life heaps easier for professional audio engineers across the globe.

The wizard can handle up to four user-defined focal points in the room, ensuring that not only the audio engineer has perfect sound, but also the producer or client when he stops by to listen along.

Calibrating speakers has never been this easy – or fast – as the engineer is lead through a simple step-by-step procedure, double-checking that all settings are optimal for all connected speakers.

And managing that tricky sub woofer has been optimized as well, as the calibration wizard sports multi-spot sub calibration, which greatly improves the precision of the lower frequencies.

29th February 2016

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