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TiMax spatialisation on tour with Het National Toneel’s The Revisor

TiMax spatialisation on tour with Het National Toneel’s The Revisor

The Netherlands – The Hague’s national theatre group, ‘Het Nationale Toneel’ has incorporated TiMax SoundHub audio spatialisation and TiMax Tracker automation into its most recent touring production, The Revisor.

A perceptive comedy about greediness and frivolity, The Revisor poses a moral dilemma. Fraud cases are being reported in the daily newspaper and there are strange things happening between government and business officials who use their company credit cards for private purchases. Our indignance is challenged by the dilemma of whether we could resist the temptation ourselves should the opportunity arise. “The Revisor” runs at the Koninklijke Schouwburg in Amsterdam from January 12th until March 5th 2016, after which it tours the country.

Four TiMax Tracker sensors are positioned above the stage area, picking up the zoned stage locations of the 20 ‘tagged’ actors, using their exact positioning, or ‘source zones’, to localise their vocals via the distributed loudspeaker system. The TiMax SoundHub delay-matrix imaging creates a fully immersive and authentic experience that renders the production more intimate for all audience members regardless of where they are sitting.

The TiMax Tracker system controls the TiMax Soundhub processor, which automatically morphs between delay-based image definition localisation objects for each microphone to make the performers’ audio move smoothly and with unparalleled accuracy in relation to their position on the stage.

The Mac and PC control software for the TiMax Soundhub provides sound designers with a straightforward but flexible control platform for the system’s scaleable multi-channel DSP and network management resources, integrated with real-time audio show control and spatialisation for live shows, events and AV installations.

23rd February 2016

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