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USITT Appoints Eileen Curley as TD&T Editor

USITT Appoints Eileen Curley as TD&T Editor

USA - USITT announces the appointment of Eileen Curley, Ph.D., as the new editor-in-chief of Theatre Design & Technology. Curley is an associate professor of English at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. She fills a vacancy after the retirement of former TD&T Editor David Rodger.

Rodger and former art director Debra Hazlett built a foundation on which Curley will grow TD&T’s status as the journal of record on the history of and innovations in entertainment design, production, and management.

Curley holds a BA in Theatre from Grinnell College, and an MA and Ph.D. in theatre history, theory, and literature from Indiana University.

She brings to TD&T a wide range of theatrical writing and editing experiences. She has published in Theatre Journal, Theatre Topics, Popular Entertainment Studies, The Journal of American Drama and Theatre, and Theatre Symposium. She has served as a reader for the Canadian Review of American Studies, Texas Theatre Journal, The Journal of American Drama and Theatre, and Theatre History Studies. She was on the publications committee for the American Theatre and Drama Society.

At Marist College, she has designed scenery and handled other production responsibilities while teaching literature and drama. This past semester, she taught in Florence, Italy, as part of Marist’s Freshman Florence Experience programme.

Said Marist School of Liberal Arts Dean Martin B. Shaffer: "Eileen Curley’s appointment as the next editor of Theatre Design & Technology is a testament to her wide ranging theatre expertise and provides an excellent opportunity for Eileen to impact theatre scholarship through her editorial leadership of this important journal. Moreover, the journal’s focus on technology across diverse areas of theatre dovetails nicely with Marist College’s emphasis on infusing technology throughout our curriculum and all areas of student learning."

The USITT Search Committee, led by Michael Mehler, USITT board member and associate professor of Theatre at Allegheny College, was impressed with Curley’s proven ability to work with a range of writers, her capacity to engage associate editors into the process, and her ideas for taking TD&T into its next 50 years.

Mehler explained: “During her interview it became apparent that Eileen possessed the gravitas to augment the work of USITT’s most seasoned writers and the warmth to nurture novice ones. She recognises the strengths of TD&T and sees the opportunities for future growth, both in terms of scope and quality.”

William L. Browning, who operated as interim TD&T Editor during the search process, added: “Eileen will be a terrific editor. She’s very capable and I think TD&T will continue to flourish.”

Describing her goals for TD&T, Curley said: “One of the strengths of the journal has always been reaching students and practitioners as well as academics and industry suppliers. Continuing that balance will inspire new generations while providing working artists and product developers with information on new innovations.

“My goal is to maintain the historical value of the publication while exploring how technologies are changing the way we create theatre and the way disciplines inter-relate.”

David Grindle, USITT executive director, stated: “Eileen has a unique balance of research and practice that will bring a perspective that continues to grow both the content and style of TD&T, continuing its vital role in the mission of USITT.”

9th February 2016

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